Write Your Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The curriculum vitae, also called an academic resume or CV for short, is a summary of one’s personal history and professional qualifications submitted as part of a job, graduate school, or internship application process. 


While there is no standard formula or template for preparing a CV, certain information should be included.


  • Your name, full address, phone number with area code, and email (make sure it’s professional) should be the first items on your CV. 
  • If you are at a temporary address, you can include this in addition to or in place of your permanent address, depending on your circumstances.

Career Objective 

  • A career objective is normally not necessary for your CV, but if you decide to include one, make sure to state your objective as concisely as possible.
  • The career objective can focus on teaching and research interests skills, education, career area, type of organization, or position title. 


  • Using reverse chronological order, list your most recent degree first followed by all other degrees earned or training received.
  • Make sure to include the name of the degree, date of graduation, and name location of the institution.


  • List teaching, research and related experience, including graduate assistantships, internships, and post doctoral fellowships.
  • Make sure to include your position title, name of the organization, the organization’s location, dates, responsibilities, and accomplishments.Describe your experiences with short, result-oriented phrases using action verbs.


  • The length of your CV will vary depending on your unique experiences.
  • Keep in mind that the relevance of the information contained in your CV is MORE important than the number of pages filled. 


  • Remember, you are designing your CV to capture the reader’s attention! Make sure to put the most relevant information first.
  • In addition, you may want to use italics, underlining, and bold features to highlight certain category headings, position titles, organizations, etc.

Other Categories

  • Academic Preparation
  • Academic and Professional Service
  • Memberships/Affiliations
  • Professional Certification(s)Presentations or Publications
  • Research Projects
  • Teaching Interests
  • Thesis