Make a Good Impression

 Now that you have narrowed down some of the interests and activities you enjoy, think about how these ideas translate into next steps to start your job search. Practicing skills, such as career objective planning, resume writing, and interviewing can make all the difference in moving forward to graduation and a successful career!

How can you make a lasting impression?

Narrow down your career objective 

Create a resume or curriculum vitae

Write effective cover and thank you letters

Dress to impress

Ace your first interview


Create a Career Objective 

Your career objective is a personal statement defining the specifics you wish to gain through professional work. 

Road to a Resume

A resume documents your qualifications and summarizes your personal, educational, and be unique in order t highlight your capabilities as they relate to a job or position. 

Write Your Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae, also called an academic resume or CV for short, is a summary of one’s submitted as part of a job, graduate school, or internship application process. 

Write Effective Letters

Before you send any letters, it is important to devise some way of keeping track of what you have send. 

Inspect Your Online Identity

Have you researched and cleaned up your online identity? Check your social networking profiles to determine if the information is incriminating, outdated, wrong or embarrassing. 

Build Your Positive Online Presence 

Connect with Professional and Industry Peers

Dress to Impress

Learn the secrets of Proper Attire. 

Ace Your First Interview

Often, it is the degree or preparation that makes the difference between a successful and unsuccessful interview candidate. 

Your Plan to Make a Good Impression 

Create your plan to discover your options. 

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