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Employer Account Manual


To Post Job :

1. Click the Post Job button indicated in the picture.

2. After clicking to Post Job, you will be redirected here. Then you can click the Add button to add a job.

3. A modal will pop-up, here you will fill in the details of your job to be posted. Once you are done filling the details required click save!

4. By clicking save, your job post will be displayed in the table.

5. Now navigate to the Search Job to View the Jobs being created.

As you can see, the job post you make is being sent to the administrator to validate the job and display it to all users.

6. Here the administrator page, you can see that the job post that we make is still Unvalidated. So to display it to the job search/job list we need to click the Update Status.

7. Go back to the Job Search and check if the job being posted exists.

It exists!  Click the view to preview the details in a modal.


8. Example. Stephanie wants to search for a job. First, Stephanie will click Job Search. 


9. Then, click Apply. This form will pop-up into your screen.

10. Fill up the details needed and click Submit if you’re done.

11. As the alumni submit their Job Application. The Employer will be notified for Job Applicants.

Check the Messages button to see those alumni/student who applies for the job.


12. To view, the message just click the View button.

13. To reply, to the applicant. Click the Reply button.

Click Submit when you’re done replying.


14. You can verify when your message was sent or not by checking the Sender and the Header. Refer to this figure.

And you’re done!

Edit Profile Employer

1. To edit profile, just navigate to Profile button.

Click the Update button first to enable all the field and you are now ready to update your profile.

You can also select or update image by clicking the Select image.


2. After clicking update, fill up those fields you wanted to update and click Save when you’re done!

Upload the image first before clicking save.


3. You have now successfully updated your profile as an Employer.

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