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Alumni Account Manual

Table of Contents


Completing Your Resume


Upon creation of your account, your resume is already partially filled, so you only need to fill in the missing details to complete your resume.


1. Click “Profile”.


2. Click “Select Image”.


3. Select your picture and click “Open”.


4. Click “Upload”.


5. Reload the page for the new picture to be displayed.


6. Click “Update” and then enter the missing details of your general information. Click “Save” once you are done.


7. Add information to all applicable forms. Here are some examples:


8. Congratulations! Your resume is now complete.

Receive Message

1. To check your messages kindly, navigate and click the Messages button.

Since we already send a message to the employer last time in the Employer Account Manual

The image you can see here is where the Employer reply to our message.

2. To view the message that is being sent by the employer, just click the View button.

There! You can receive a message.

View and Apply Job

1. To view and apply job, you just need to navigate to Job Search and View and Apply for the Job.

2. Click the View button to view the Job.

3. To Apply, just click the navigate button and fill those field with your message.

When you’re done just click Submit and you’re done applying for the job.

Viewing Events


1. Click “Events”.


2. Click on an event to view its details.


3. Take note of the event’s details and plan accordingly.

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