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Admin Account Manual

Admin Account :

1. To manage Users click the “System” then click “Users”.

2. After navigating to “System” then “Users” you will see this page.
These are the only registered users in the system. You can add users by clicking the “Add” button at the upper right.

3. For managing the role permission. Just go to “System” then click “Permissions”.
To add Role: Click “Add” button.

Fill in those fields and manage what permission to give with this role. Click Save!

4. Click View to see the assigned permissions of a role.

5. To Update a specific role. Click “Update“.

Just hit the “Update” button in the Permission Form and there! You successfully updated a role.


Add Events

1. After navigating to “Events” then “Add”  a form will pop-up to add your event. Fill it in and hit “Save!”.

2. Here you can see the event that we recently added is being displayed. Click it if you wanted to View the specific events.

Click the Update button if you wanted to update the Event.

Hit the Update button when you are done updating!

Click the Delete button if you wanted to remove the Event.

Validate Job Posts

To validate Job Posts the Administrator is the only allowed to validate the status of job posts.

1. To add jobs, click the “Add” button.

Fill in those fields and hit “Save” when you’re done.


2. Our job has been displayed! Now, we need to validate the posts in the Job Status page.
You can also View the full details of the job posts by clicking the “View” button, Update with the “Update” button and Delete the job with the “Delete” button.

3. Validate the job that recently posted.
You can refer here. Just click this link Validate

Edit Profile

1. To edit your profile, go to profile then click the update button to enable all the fields.
Once the field is already enabled fill in those fields you wanted to update. You can also update the image by clicking the “select image” then hit “Upload”
After, click the “Save” button.

See this image below.

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