Career Center gives you the resources for a successful transition to life after graduation.

Discover Your Career Options

The first step to solving a career problem is to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Exploring your values, interests, and skills will help you find a major and career options that match up with your goals. Whether you are choosing a major, searching for a job, or applying to grad schools, this chapter can help you develop and implement a plan for the future. 

Make a Good Impressions 

Now that you have narrowed down some of the interests and activities you enjoy, think about how these ideas translate into next steps to start your job search. Practicing skills, such as career objective planning, resume writing, and interviewing, can make all the difference in moving forward to graduation and a successful career!

Gain Experience

Real-world experience, or experiential learning, is a key part in determining your interests, values, and skills outside the classroom. Through experiential learning you can “try on” the various work environments within your projected career field. Also, experiential learning facilitates identifying and strengthening skills needed to succeed post-graduation. 

Conquer Your Future

Graduation is just around the corner, and it’s time to look ahead! Are you off to graduate school? Do you plan to search for full-time employment? No matter your choice, it’s important to start deciding early so you can find a school or employer that fits. It’s time to start your transition into the world beyond USTP.

Realizing Career Goals 

The USTP Career Center guides the students in identifying career opportunities that will match with their skills, interests, personality and values leading to meaningful and purposeful contribution to the global industry.