Build Your Positive Online Presence

Connect with Professionals and Industry Peers

Take advantage of the opportunity to establish one-on-one relationship with employers and recruiters on LinkedIn and Twitter by introducing yourself.

For example:

Hi Mr./Ms.______________________________

I am a student at Florida State University passionate about multicultural marketing and was impressed with your company’s efforts at creating campaigns targeting U.S. Hispanics! Hoping to learn and interact with you, please accept my request.

Take Advantage of Social Networking Sites

You can use them to:

  • Search for recruiters and job boards by typing the words “recruiter” followed by your job industry.
  • Follow industry experts or publications and engage in meaningful conversations with your contacts.
  • Blend in personal commentary, but save overly personal tweets or posts for friends. Instead, write or retweet about current events in your industry.
  • Blog, tweet or post about things people would enjoy reading about.
  • Make sure your writing is free of grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Include images or videos related to your posts to maintain visual interest.
  • Update you blog or page at least weekly, so it doesn’t seem abandoned.
Become Your Own Online Agent

Consider the “about me” space in your social media profiles as an elevator speech. Post content that conveys you positively! Brand yourself, be creative, and tell s in a couple of sentences who you are, what makes you different, and why we should follow you! 

For example:

  • Advertising major looking for n internship in Miami: 
  • Branding/Social Media Marketing/Ethnic Cuisine
  • Post professional content to “smother” less professional posts.
  • Make your posts useful and relatable to your career field.
  • Avoid joining online groups that could restrict your opportunities.Beware of others with your same name.
Buy a Blog Domain Name

You can determine if your domain name is available by visiting this list of reputable domain name registrars: