Alumni Career Services 

Caters to support the university alumni by providing them with professional enrichment programs such as Career Enrichment Program and Job Searching activities.

Career Enrichment Program 

A career-life seminar about the concerns that our alumni commonly experiences in the world of work.

Possible Topics 

Job Search 


Transferable Skills

Interviewing & Resume Wiriting

Career Engagement Program 

A network of young professional coaches and relate his/her working experiences in line with the specific college courses in order to give inspiration and perspective to the students on what can be their possible future.


Should be a BONAFIDE alumni of the University 

Attended the Career Enrichment Program

Good Social, verbal and mentoring skills


PEP Talk

Career Lectures 

Be A Mentor

It’s time to give back! Share your career knowledge and expertise to the next generation of trailblazers. 

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